Tuesday, February 05, 2008


i left my house today happy, knowing that i was on my way to vote! i've been pretty excited about the democratic primaries. i'd decided to vote for barack obama.

so i get to the polling place, and the women at the first table tell me that they don't have my name listed on the register and send me to the next table (which was for a different precinct). they didn't have my name either!

i explained to them that i registered to vote in riverside county when i first moved here (at some university orientation event). i had actually voted a couple of months after i registered. i confess that i did not vote last spring and last november, but i was ready to vote today.

this was the same polling place, but, all of a sudden, they don't have my name!

the woman in charge made a phone call to see where i was registered in the county database, and the county doesn't have my name at all! but she did kindly me a registration card. i thanked her and reminded her that i had filled one out a year and four months ago!

no matter. somehow i have become UNregistered. i feel very disenfranchised.

and if barack loses california by one vote, i'm going to be very upset.